Ultra Secure Computation on the Cloud

Sending sensitive data and software out to potential hostile or compromised hosts in the cloud can be a major concern. JPC Ultra-Secure provides a real headache for hackers trying to scan your processes for useful information.

With JPC Ultra-Secure all data on (virtual) disk and (virtual) computer memory is encrypted, and is only decrypted for the microsecond needed to perform computations before being encrypted and stored back into memory. Regions of memory are thus never present in the clear at the same time.

Sensitive applications can be used on public hardware, including cloud computing datacentres, with no need to change the application software or operating system; all encryption is carried out transparently in the backgroud.

Note that JPC Ultra-Secure is not available as part of the open-source codebase. Please contact us for more information if you want to investigate JPC Ultra-Secure

Super Safe Honeypots

JPC is ideal for hosting Honeypots - deliberately exposing a vulnerable machine to examine how and how quickly hackers find and compromise it. The JPC Debugger is particularly valuable here in analysing virus behaviour.

For more information please contact us.