Just imagine turning the idle time of the world's one billion desktop PCs into a useful resource...

With cloud computing becoming ever more popular everyone seems to be finding things to do on machines rented in ever larger datacentres. But why not use the millions of idle desktop computers worldwide instead and save the financial and envrionmental costs of using a datacentre?

Until now the barriers have been hard to overcome:

  • Potential donors of computer idle time will typically not know who you are and therefore will not trust you or your software to run on their desktop
  • Downloading/installing/maintaining your software, even when you are trusted, is a significant burden on donors and/or system administrators
  • The hardware and operating systems made available will be very heterogenious and thus you'll have to compile and support your processing software for dozens of target machines

JPC + NereusV, offers the solution:

  • NereusV enables idle time donation with a single click on a link in a webpage - there is no software to download and install. Indeed the software developer can remotely "push" new versions of application code to NereusV clients without any action required of the donor.
  • JPC isolates all guest software inside two independently verified security layers; the java applet sandbox and JPC itself. Thus users can confidently allow unvetted x86 PC software (including operating systems) to run on their PC during idle time
  • The Java Virtual Machine abstracts away all variations of hardware and operating systems - "write once run everywhere". Although this sweeping statement has been criticised, JPC provides an indepentent layer of abstraction which removes the remaining platform issues. Developers can be confident - if it runs locally in JPC then it will run remotely on any one of the 2 billion Java-enabled devices worldwide.
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