Appliction Delivery over the Web

JPC is the ideal vehicle for preparing and delivering x86 applications as services over the Web, as shown on the demonstration page. Two new features in JPC make this easy:

  • Snapshot JPC can be frozen and the entire guest OS and application software saved to disk - just like the "hibernate" feature of many laptops. The software can then be jump-started at a remote location, taking the user directly to where they need to be rather than waiting for a virtual machine to load and "boot".
  • Remote HDD The virtual hard disks can be resident on a remote server (any HTTP 1.1 compliant server will do) and JPC will read sectors of the disk over the network on demand. The guest OS and application software are unaware of this - they still think they're on a real PC with potentially multi-gigabyte HDD attached.

Importantly, JPC makes software which was never designed to be delivered over the web suddenly as flexible as any web application. The flexibily of emulation together with the inherent web-friendliness of Java makes JPC an ideal combination of technologies for SAAS

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