What is JPC?

JPC is an x86 PC emulator written entirely in Java. Read more about what JPC is, and the underlying technology behind it.

Try the JPC Demos!

JPC Runs Linux!

Yes, we can run Linux on JPC! Try it out right now with our online Linux demo

JPC is Open Source!

Yes, JPC is open source. Download the source code now! Or if you don't want to have to mess around with building JPC from source, you can try our online demo or check out other ways to get JPC.

JPC at JavaOne

In May 2007, the JPC Team was invited to present our project at JavaOne, the world's premier Java technology conference. The JPC project was well received by all those who attended, including some of the key architects of the Java language and virtual machine.

See our JavaOne Online Technical Session homepage for a summary of our session, as well as a complete multimedia presentation of our talk!